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It has been a pleasure having Mel back to work with our children. Children today live in a stressful world and I believe we need to teach them to develop positive mental health strategies for now and in the future. Yoga is a perfect way of achieving this. It teaches children how to be still and mindful. It trains them in techniques to focus their concentration. It helps them tune into their mind and body. I am delighted that the yoga classes Mel provides for us are so well received and their benefits understood by our children. They have developed self awareness and now have a toolbox to select from to help them cope in the hubbub of life, now and in the future.
— Cathy Higgins, Academy Principal, Oxley Park Academy
Our children love their yoga lessons with Melissa, as it is so beneficial for them! We see the children developing a whole range of physical skills, balance, flexibility and muscle tone, and it is great for their self confidence and well-being too.
— Lizzie Bancroft, Head Teacher, Loughton Manor First School
Yoga is a relaxing fun activity that I would recommend to everybody. Miss Hayden has a very relaxing voice and always calms you down. It helps the muscles to be stronger and I really like the tree pose.
— Lauren, former pupil at at Oxley Park Academy
Yoga is really fun and I get to learn lots of new moves. It helps me with my strength. It also helps me when I play football because it makes me more flexible and relaxed.
— Lewis, former pupil at Oxley Park Academy
I like doing the Rain Stick Relaxation because it makes a nice sound and it makes me feel happy. I like Ladybird Relaxation because it makes my body feel nice and relaxed. I like doing the frog pose and I like the Umbrella game!
— Isabelle, former pupil at Loughton Manor First School
I like the poses we do, especially the tree pose because we have to balance. I think yoga is good for us because it stretches our muscles.
— Ben, former pupil at Loughton Manor First School
Jasper is loving his yoga and does come home and show us the positions
— Sarah Hammond, Parent
Anya loves your classes and has been showing us her yoga poses at home
— Gareth Snelson, Parent
My daughter loves it! She is always buzzing when she comes out of the class!
— Faye Lawrence, Parent