We have been using Starshine Yoga for nearly 2 years now from Foundation Stage to Year 2.
In our fast paced day-to-day lives, Starshine Yoga has been a welcome weekly retreat for our children.
Melissa delivers each session in a very accessible way that the children find easy to understand. Some of the benefits we have observed in our children have been:
- An increased ability to manage emotions
- Greater body awareness
- Stress management through breathing techniques
- An increase in concentration
- Greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
Melissa has also provided our staff with much needed yoga and well-being sessions. I would highly recommend them.
Thank you Melissa!
— Nina Mackay, Deputy Head teacher, Glastonbury Thorn School
Our children love their yoga lessons with Melissa, as it is so beneficial for them! We see the children developing a whole range of physical skills, balance, flexibility and muscle tone, and it is great for their self confidence and well-being too.
— Lizzie Bancroft, Head Teacher, Loughton Manor First School
Yoga is a relaxing fun activity that I would recommend to everybody. Miss Hayden has a very relaxing voice and always calms you down. It helps the muscles to be stronger and I really like the tree pose.
— Lauren, former pupil at at Oxley Park Academy
Yoga is really fun and I get to learn lots of new moves. It helps me with my strength. It also helps me when I play football because it makes me more flexible and relaxed.
— Lewis, former pupil at Oxley Park Academy
I like doing the Rain Stick Relaxation because it makes a nice sound and it makes me feel happy. I like Ladybird Relaxation because it makes my body feel nice and relaxed. I like doing the frog pose and I like the Umbrella game!
— Isabelle, former pupil at Loughton Manor First School
I like the poses we do, especially the tree pose because we have to balance. I think yoga is good for us because it stretches our muscles.
— Ben, former pupil at Loughton Manor First School
Jasper is loving his yoga and does come home and show us the positions
— Sarah Hammond, Parent
Anya loves your classes and has been showing us her yoga poses at home
— Gareth Snelson, Parent
My daughter loves it! She is always buzzing when she comes out of the class!
— Faye Lawrence, Parent

Thank you so much for Sophie’s yoga party, the kids had am amazing time!” —- Angela Hansford