A splendid summer term!

Wow! What a busy summer we have had at Starshine Yoga! With the warmer weather of the summer term we took every opportunity to do our yoga classes outdoors as the children really do love this!

From outdoor yoga races...

outside races.JPG

To team games...

outside team games.JPG

And our relaxation sequences...

outside relaxation.JPG
outside relaxation 2.JPG

We are lucky enough to have lots of siblings at our yoga classes, often because one sibling has started yoga and then recommended it to their brother or sister...

Katy and Jesse have recently taken up yoga with us!

sibling 2.JPG

Lexi and Sienna have been yogis for a while now!

sibling 3.JPG

Olivia is an experienced yogi too and has recommended it to her younger sister Millie!

mindfulness colouring.JPG

We have been doing some different mindful relaxation exercises at the end of our classes, one of which is mindful colouring. It is great watching the children really unwind and relax as they quietly focus and concentrate on their own colouring. 

staff training.JPG

In June we were asked by another school; Wilby C of E Primary School in Wellingborough, to run a mindfulness and well-being session for their staff. It was a great afternoon with lots of mindful activities discussed and practised.


We are keen to find out what our students have been up to over the summer holidays! Our founder and teacher Melissa tried a spot of yoga while she was paddle boarding in Lake Annecy on holiday! While in France she also became an Ironman...


As an experienced triathlete Melissa is used to triathlons but the Ironman event was one she had to train especially hard for. It involved a 3.8km swim followed by a 180.2km bike ride and then a 42.2km (marathon run) without any breaks! On the day it was 33 degrees and it took her 14 hours and 50 minutes. In addition to the swim, cycle and run training, Melissa attends yoga every week herself for many benefits. It enables her to develop her muscle strength and stamina, something that is really important for long distance events. It increases her flexibility and prevents her from getting injured, again something that is extremely important to ensure she can maintain her training and get to the start line of events. It also of course gives her some time and space to relax and switch off from the demands of training for a big event and every day life. 

We hope all of our children and parents had a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you in the Autumn term!

A super Spring term!

Wow, what a busy Spring term we have had! We have loved having new children attending our classes and we have loved watching the confidence of some of our youngest yogis grow. Here is 4 year old Lexi leading the Sun Salutation sequence:

In February we reached a milestone! We now have over 100 children attending our classes each week!

During the week of Mother's Day we made Gratitude Hearts in our relaxation sequence. We discussed what things we feel grateful for in life and we were really impressed with how articulate the children were at coming up with their own ideas for this. They mentioned feeling grateful for things like family, friends, food, water, toys.  

The children have also been really keen to make mood stones in our relaxation sequences. We gave children small pebbles which had been cleaned up and we discussed different words to help us feel relaxed. Again the children wowed us with their vocabulary, coming up with words such as calm, peaceful, relax. The children have been encouraged to use these mood stones at home as well as in class to aid their relaxation. 

In February we ran our first yoga children's party. Vera asked to have a space themed yoga party and it was a great success! We combined stories, poses, games and relaxation techniques to entertain the party guests. 

Throughout February and March we have been lucky enough to work with Glastonbury Infant School. We modelled some infant yoga and mindfulness sessions to the children and teachers at the school and the Year 2 classes were really focused throughout their first yoga and mindfulness sessions. 

We also led our first staff yoga and mindfulness training session at Glastonbury Infant School to support the well being of the staff at the school. What a fantastic staff team the school have. They were eager to learn new strategies to support their well being and we received great feed back on our evaluation forms. Thank you to all that attended for being so welcoming!