New Year - New Classes!

We are very excited to be working with lots of new children this year! We have started a new after school club at Brooklands Farm Primary School on a Thursday with Year One and Two children. They are making super progress considering they have only been practising yoga for a few weeks. We love the relaxation part of the class using the rain stick and ladybird as you can see below!

We are now working with a new year group at Oxley Park Academy for the Spring term. Year Three love the Hoop game where they have to choose a hoop and make the pose shown on the picture in the hoop!

Our Christmas Yoga Class

This evening we had a fantastic Christmas yoga class at Oxley Park Community Centre to end the autumn term. The children had to create their own Christmas-themed yoga poses individually and collectively in groups.

There was lots of enthusiasm from the 20 children in attendance and some particularly creative poses when it came to snowflakes, as you can see below! 

Everyone did a brilliant job....and we are all certainly in the Christmas spirit after this evening's class. 


Starshine Yoga's New Class!

Starshine Yoga last week kicked off our new class at Oxley Park Community Centre with a great first session. The class had been over subscribed with 23 children signed up, with lots of excitement and enthusiasm for the first session.

We have a fantastic class of children attending, aged between 5 and 9 and a lovely mix of boys and girls. The large hall in the community centre gives us a great space to practise our yoga. Several topics were covered in our first class including the Snake Breath breathing technique, followed with the simple version of the Sun Sequence. We then looked at a range of simple moves including 'tree pose, dog, frog, chips, bird' and finished with a game of 'Yogi Says'. The class was thoroughly enjoyed by all - children and staff! To top it all off we were able to wear our new Starshine Yoga t shirts (see below), hot off the printers! :-)

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