A super Spring term!

Wow, what a busy Spring term we have had! We have loved having new children attending our classes and we have loved watching the confidence of some of our youngest yogis grow. Here is 4 year old Lexi leading the Sun Salutation sequence:

In February we reached a milestone! We now have over 100 children attending our classes each week!

During the week of Mother's Day we made Gratitude Hearts in our relaxation sequence. We discussed what things we feel grateful for in life and we were really impressed with how articulate the children were at coming up with their own ideas for this. They mentioned feeling grateful for things like family, friends, food, water, toys.  

The children have also been really keen to make mood stones in our relaxation sequences. We gave children small pebbles which had been cleaned up and we discussed different words to help us feel relaxed. Again the children wowed us with their vocabulary, coming up with words such as calm, peaceful, relax. The children have been encouraged to use these mood stones at home as well as in class to aid their relaxation. 

In February we ran our first yoga children's party. Vera asked to have a space themed yoga party and it was a great success! We combined stories, poses, games and relaxation techniques to entertain the party guests. 

Throughout February and March we have been lucky enough to work with Glastonbury Infant School. We modelled some infant yoga and mindfulness sessions to the children and teachers at the school and the Year 2 classes were really focused throughout their first yoga and mindfulness sessions. 

We also led our first staff yoga and mindfulness training session at Glastonbury Infant School to support the well being of the staff at the school. What a fantastic staff team the school have. They were eager to learn new strategies to support their well being and we received great feed back on our evaluation forms. Thank you to all that attended for being so welcoming!

Our Christmas Yoga Class

This evening we had a fantastic Christmas yoga class at Oxley Park Community Centre to end the autumn term. The children had to create their own Christmas-themed yoga poses individually and collectively in groups.

There was lots of enthusiasm from the 20 children in attendance and some particularly creative poses when it came to snowflakes, as you can see below! 

Everyone did a brilliant job....and we are all certainly in the Christmas spirit after this evening's class. 


Starshine Yoga's New Class!

Starshine Yoga last week kicked off our new class at Oxley Park Community Centre with a great first session. The class had been over subscribed with 23 children signed up, with lots of excitement and enthusiasm for the first session.

We have a fantastic class of children attending, aged between 5 and 9 and a lovely mix of boys and girls. The large hall in the community centre gives us a great space to practise our yoga. Several topics were covered in our first class including the Snake Breath breathing technique, followed with the simple version of the Sun Sequence. We then looked at a range of simple moves including 'tree pose, dog, frog, chips, bird' and finished with a game of 'Yogi Says'. The class was thoroughly enjoyed by all - children and staff! To top it all off we were able to wear our new Starshine Yoga t shirts (see below), hot off the printers! :-)

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