Springing into 2018!

Wow, we are already well into the new year and what a fabulous few months we have had! 

We are really excited to launch our first item of children's Starshine Yoga wear. All children that have been participating regularly in our yoga classes for 2 years receive a complimentary yoga t shirt. Well done to Anya, Vera and James who are the first to receive one...

starshine yoga company t shirts 2018.jpg

It has been lovely to see the other yoga wear our students are keen to wear to our classes...

flynn top spring.jpg

Flynn regularly turns up to our classes with a new yoga accessory! As does Anya...

anya starshine t shirt spring 2018.jpg

This term we have taught Year One at Glastonbury Thorn Primary School and we have been so impressed with how brilliantly they have learnt our yoga sun sequence. Here is Bethany teaching it to her class...

glasto spring 2018 yr 1.jpg

We have welcomed yet another set of siblings, Elisa and Magnus, to yoga this term. You wouldn't think they were some of our newest recruits, well done both!

spring magnus and emilia.jpg

It seems that it's not only children that are keen to join in our classes, but pandas too!!!!

panda spring 2018.jpg

We have also been working hard on our partner yoga poses, supporting each other really well in some tricky moves including lizard on a rock, double pretzel, double boat and open heart...

partner yoga spring 2018.jpg

Here's to a fun filled summer term ahead :-)