Summer Vibes!

We have been working hard on our balance this term, in particular, our core strength and balance. One game we have loved playing to help strengthen and tone our core area is ball pass. This is a timed challenge game where we have to pass the ball around the circle to each other using only our feet! It’s harder than it looks and requires a lot of concentration!

ball pass core.jpg

It is always great to see well known faces and children’s role models taking some time to engage in some yoga. Mo Salah clearly knows the positive impact yoga, mindfulness and meditation can have on his physical and mental performance as a professional football player.

mo salah.jpg

At the end of April we ran Miraya’s 6th birthday party and this was definitely one of our biggest parties to date…!

miriah party.jpg
miriah party group photo.jpg

The biggest hit was our parachute yoga games!

miriah party parachute.jpg

In May, our yoga teacher Alison proved that yoga hugely helps you to perform as a runner. She completed the Milton Keynes half marathon for the Winter Night Shelter charity. Well done Alison, what an inspiration!!!

alison half marathon.jpg

Look at that smile and that medal!!!

At Loughton Manor First School we teach yoga on a weekly basis as part of the school’s core curriculum. The Year 1 children absolutely love the Umbrella Game…”Umbrella, Umbrella, please choose me…”!!


The summer time sees us take as many of our classes as possible (children’s and adults) outside, closer to nature.

outside yoga.jpg

At Clarity brand agency where we run yoga sessions, Betsy the dog proved to be a natural at Downward Dog pose - obviously!!!

clarity pic.jpg

In May we reached a whopping 900 followers on social media!!! Spread the word and help us to get to 1000!

900 followers.jpg

At Starshine Yoga we are always keen to challenge and inspire the children, encouraging them to work hard and believe in themselves.

When we first started looking at the very tricky Crow pose, Flynn was disheartened as he struggled to create the pose. With encouragement he persevered, kept working on it each week in our sessions and at home and he developed the self belief and confidence that he would eventually be able to do it, and he did! Great work and determination Flynn!

challenging yoga pose with dice.jpg

In our new yoga dice game you roll the dice and attempt whatever pose the dice lands on. Some of them are extremely challenging…

challenging yoga pose.jpg

The summer term saw 7 of our little yogis achieving their complimentary Starshine Yoga t shirts because they have been practising yoga for over a year with us, what brilliant dedication. Congratulations to Lexi, Sienna, Kacie, Mari, Emily, Belle and Halle!!

yoga t shirts 1.jpg
yoga t shirts 2.jpg

We took some time this term to create our own relaxation sticks which we can use at home as well as in our yoga classes, to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere and to refocus our mind and thoughts if they start to wander in our relaxation and mindfulness sessions.

yoga lolly sticks.jpg

‘Balancing Ducks’ has been one of our most popular games in all of our 9 yoga classes this term and continues our work on maintaining good balance and posture. Could you hold a pose while balancing a toy duck on a body part at the same time?!

balancing ducks 1.jpg
balancing ducks 2.jpg

Maintaining balance through our breath (not just our movement) is also an incredibly important part of our classes as we know what an important role our breath has in our yoga practice. We have been using gems on different parts of our bodies and challenging ourselves to balance them on these body parts while breathing deeply.

balancing gems 1.jpg
balancing gems 2.jpg

At Starshine Yoga, the most important element to us is enjoyment and that the children have fun and leave the classes with a positive and high well being. Wheel barrow balance racing has definitely been lots of fun and something the children might like to carry on doing through their summer holidays when out in the garden or park…!

wheelbarrow 1.jpg
wheelbarrow 2.jpg

From all of the Starshine Yoga team we wish you a happy and healthy summer break and thank you for your continued support. Keep cool, keep practising your yoga and we look forward to seeing you in September!


Melissa, Victoria and Alison xxx

An Eggcellent time!

We were excited to start a new teens yoga class in January and now have 12 members. It is great to challenge the older children with more complex yoga poses and games. They have particularly enjoyed yoga BINGO this term!


We have also been challenging the children to bend, stretch, twist and create new partner and group yoga poses!

3some pose.jpg
partner move.jpg
pancakes 2.jpg

The children loved our pancake themed yoga class which fell on Shrove Tuesday. We really enjoyed mindful eating with pancakes and had some great discussions about what mindfulness means, the importance of it and how it can become part of everyday life, like at meal times.


Continuing our theme of mindfulness, during our teens yoga class, we looked at how much time we spend doing different things and how balanced our lives our. We looked at each element of the ‘wheel of life’ and discussed the importance of each element. This was a really powerful exercise for the teens as some of them realised they led very busy lives and didn’t have much quiet time to themselves. Some realised they spent a large amount of time working and not enough time with family or friends. Some realised they spent most of their time on hobbies or having fun and perhaps not enough time on homework!!!

wheel of life.jpg

More mindfulness for Valentine’s Day…taking time to think about who we love and value in our lives…

mums day.jpg

We spend much time developing the fine motor skills of our fingers and hands but not so much on our feet. Introducing…. TOEGA!!!

One of our favourite and hugely fun games of this term! How many pom poms can you pick up with your toes before the time runs out?


Congratulations to Keira and Flynn, who have been awarded their special Starshine Yoga t shirts having been members for over 2 years!!!

starshine yoga t shirt.jpg
Keira t shirt.jpg

In February we were delighted to introduce our new yoga teacher Alison, a keen yogi herself.

alison teaching.jpg

We have now been teaching yoga and mindfulness to the pupils at Glastonbury Thorn Infant school for almost 2 years and so it was lovely to receive this fantastic testimonial from them…

The end of March saw us host another yoga party, this time for Sophie who has just turned 6. Sophie and her friends had a brilliant time learning yoga poses, joining in with parachute and hoop games and finishing with a scarf relaxation.

Sophie party.jpg
Sophie party 2.jpg
Sophie party 3.jpg

Thank you to some of the adults who came for their feedback…

party feedback.jpg

We would like to thank all of our students and parents and carers for their continued support and wish you all a very happy and healthy Easter break!

happy easter.jpg

All I want for Christmas is yoga!!!

Following a parent survey we carried out in the summer, this term has seen us start a new yoga class on a Tuesday for children and teens aged between 8 and 13 years. It has been popular with already 10 members attending and we have enjoyed learning some challenging poses and sequences. Spaces are still available for this class so send us an email if you would like to book on.

new tuesday class leaflet.jpg

Emily from our older class brilliantly demonstrating camel pose…

challenging camel.jpg

Not only have the older students been working hard, the younger students have been practising some incredibly challenging poses too. Here is Shreya (who has only recently started yoga with us) confidently having a go at plough pose…

challenging legs over head.jpg

And Keira and Lexi demonstrating bow pose…

challenging bow pose.jpg

We were thrilled to reach over 500 followers on one of our social media channels in October. Our aim is to reach out and help as many children as possible to learn yoga and mindfulness tools to support their physical and emotional well-being.

500 followers.jpg

In addition to our 8 weekly classes we have enjoyed some new projects this term. In September we ran 3 yoga and mindfulness sessions for Herons Lodge Girl Guide Group and we are now available for other Guides, Brownies, Cubs and Scout group session…


We also ran the first of 3 Yoga and Mindfulness sessions for year 2 children and parents at Glastonbury Thorn Primary School and had some great feedback. The children at the school have been doing yoga every Friday, so it was really worthwhile for parents to attend and to see what we do in our sessions and learn ideas they can practise at home…


We have been lucky enough to have many new additions to our yoga classes this term. Georgie is now volunteering at our Oxley Park Community Centre class on a Tuesday…


And Max the worry monster has been visiting all of our classes. The children discuss or write down anything that is worrying them and we talk about the worries and possible solutions as a group. Then we feed them into Max, zip him up and he eats them up so that we no longer need to worry about those issues!

worry monster.jpg

With so much in the media about the importance of cutting down our plastic usage, we have been keen at Starshine Yoga to make an effort to do this too. We used to use plastic straws to play our air soccer breathing game but we have got rid of the straws and challenged ourselves to do it without…

no plastic.jpg

A new term always brings new ideas. The children have especially loved our feather breath at the beginning of sessions where they challenge themselves to see how high they can blow a feather using one deep yoga breath…

feather breath.jpg

They have also been excited to use our powerful relaxation gems at the end of sessions to help relax our bodies and minds…


And our solo massage where we learned to massage our own hands and feet has been a big hit too!

hand and foot massage.jpg

We always love to see and hear how much our students love the classes. Thank you to Flynn who designed this brilliant poster for us! :-)

flynn poster.jpg

This term’s festivities started with our Halloween themed yoga sessions. The children (and adults) always enjoy dressing up…


But Christmas will always be a special time of year at Starshine Yoga. This year we made Gratitude Yoga Mat decorations for the Christmas tree…

Step 1: Write down something you are grateful for on your mini yoga mat.

Step 2: Decorate the other side of the mat.

Step 3: Roll up the mat and fasten with sellotape.

Step 4: Wrap a pipe cleaner around either end of the mat and hang on your Christmas tree.

With a focus on mindfulness we had some amazing discussions about what children were grateful for (particularly important at this time of year) and we were humbled by so many of the children’s ideas…

xmas decs 2.jpg
xmas decs 3.jpg
xmas decs.jpg

Not only did these prove such a big hit in our classes but a yoga company based in Chicago even decided to make them too…!


We know that many of our students have an elf on the shelf visit their home in December and Maya even brought hers along to a yoga class for it to participate in! If you also have an elf at home, here are some ideas of some yoga moves they could do…

elf cobra.jpg

Cobra pose

elf dog.jpg

Dog pose

elf poster.jpg

We would like to wish all of our students and parents a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and we look forward to seeing you in January. We have exciting news coming in 2019 so keep watching this space…

coming soon....jpg

Summer, summer, summer time!

Gosh! What a fantastic and busy summer term we have had at Starshine Yoga! We always love the summer term as it allows us to take our yoga outside which the children love...

TPPS outside.jpg

And on those really hot days we take a break with an ice lolly!

sun lollies.jpg

Once again, we have had lots of new children join this term including Lily, who is one of our younger members of our Tuesday afternoon class. She may be young but here she is confidently leading the sun sequence...

lily new yoga.jpg

So many new members have joined that we are now oversubscribed for our Tuesday class and have a waiting list!

OP CC over subscribed.jpg

But don't worry, we are looking at running an extra class on a Tuesday afternoon! 

This term we ran another yoga party, this time for Keira who turned 7!

Keira party.jpg

We have been working with a community group funded by charity grants called Time 4 Autism which supports children with autism and their parents.

time 4 autism.jpg

Here is Owen and his mum Tracy working brilliantly together in Boat pose:

At Glastonbury Thorn Infant School we spent this term working with the youngest students, Foundation Stage who are just 4 and 5...

glasto FS.jpg

It is a pleasure working at Glastonbury Thorn every Friday afternoon and we are so pleased that they have been awarded with the 'Outstandingly Happy School' award, the first infant school in the country and first and only school in the local authority to achieve this!!

glasto happy school.jpg

In June we were thrilled to be asked to run the children's yoga session in Campbell Park for the International Day of Yoga. 

International yoga festival photo.jpg

We had some of our current yogis come along and lots of new faces too which was lovely to see! We learned yoga moves, played games and did some relaxations.

international yoga festival in Campbell Park.jpg

The parachute was a big hit!!

International yoga festival parachute.jpg

We have been busy this term running some more fantastic mindfulness, well being and yoga sessions for corporate teams. One of these was Clarity, a local brand strategy and marketing communications agency. What a great, enthusiastic team to work with!

clarity me presenting.jpg
clarity outside.jpg

And what fantastic feedback we had from team Clarity. We will now be running yoga sessions for them every month. 

clarity feedback.jpg

Clarity is not the only new team we have been working with this term. We have also started a new yoga session for the teachers of Giffard Park and Willen Primary School.

We would like to congratulate Max, who has been coming to our yoga sessions for 2 years and now has his celabratory Starshine Yoga t shirt. What an experienced yogi he is and a brilliant role model for others, well done Max!

Max t shirt.jpg

Football may not be coming home but we were pleased to see the England football team recovering after their world cup matches with yoga sessions! We know how good yoga is for strengthening, toning, increasing flexibility and helping to prevent or recover from injury. 

world cup yoga.jpg

We love receiving feedback from our students and parents and were thrilled with this message from one of our mum's, thank you Lucy! :-) 

Have a great summer everyone!

Springing into 2018!

Wow, we are already well into the new year and what a fabulous few months we have had! 

We are really excited to launch our first item of children's Starshine Yoga wear. All children that have been participating regularly in our yoga classes for 2 years receive a complimentary yoga t shirt. Well done to Anya, Vera and James who are the first to receive one...

starshine yoga company t shirts 2018.jpg

It has been lovely to see the other yoga wear our students are keen to wear to our classes...

flynn top spring.jpg

Flynn regularly turns up to our classes with a new yoga accessory! As does Anya...

anya starshine t shirt spring 2018.jpg

This term we have taught Year One at Glastonbury Thorn Primary School and we have been so impressed with how brilliantly they have learnt our yoga sun sequence. Here is Bethany teaching it to her class...

glasto spring 2018 yr 1.jpg

We have welcomed yet another set of siblings, Elisa and Magnus, to yoga this term. You wouldn't think they were some of our newest recruits, well done both!

spring magnus and emilia.jpg

It seems that it's not only children that are keen to join in our classes, but pandas too!!!!

panda spring 2018.jpg

We have also been working hard on our partner yoga poses, supporting each other really well in some tricky moves including lizard on a rock, double pretzel, double boat and open heart...

partner yoga spring 2018.jpg

Here's to a fun filled summer term ahead :-)